android remote webview mobile app template and easy to use source code to convert website to mobile app with admin panel

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Android WebView App Source Code With Admin Panel, Convert Website To App

Updated Friday, May 3, 2024, 8 AM

This ready to use remote android webview app source code can be used to make apps for your websites very easily in android studio and you can control the app remotely from the admin panel of your website.

NOTE: if you want a Normal webview source code without admin panel, Check out this webview source code

download android webview app source code with admin panel
Android Remote WebView App Source Code

You can use this android remote webview app source code to build mobile app for all sort of websites. Including eCommerce, shopping, news websites, dating websites, blogs and control them remotely.

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This webview app source code can be controlled and customized from your admin panel.

This helps you update your app links, colors, change menus and icons and other functions easily without updating your app on Play Store and other stores

The features and controls include the following

Features and controls

Advanced Admin panel

Remote admin panel for seamless control of the app anytime, no need update your app on Play Store for simple and major changes

Files Upload and Download

The webview support all type of file upload and download, if your website has upload and download functions, this is supported by the app

Navigation Menus

A lot of menus to host your links: Drawer, bottom navigation and options menus

Push Notification

You can send free push notifications to all your customers, using onesignal notification service or using the inbuilt notification sending system of this advanced android webview app source code

Admob Ads

You can enable ads if you want to earn from your app. Supports banner and full screen ads

Onboarding Screen

When a user install and open your app for the first time, you can introduce the features of your site and app, which will help them understand your site and app

URL Schemes Support

This android webview app source code supports URL schemes, so WhatsApp, telegram, mailto and tel etc links can be opened directly from the webview

Live App Update Feature

You can send users an app update notification, so they can update your app to latest version. You can also turn on the force update feature which will force them to update app to continue using the app

Supported remote controls

  • Changing homepage link
  • Changing all menu names, links or actions and icons
  • Turn on/off menus, header etc
  • Change header texts and background colors
  • Turn on/off and change onboarding screen texts, images and trigger
  • Turn on or turn off ads
  • App update customisation
  • Send notifications without using any third party services
How to buy this code?

Pay with PayPal, Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, or UPI. Contact us for UPI purchases.

For PayPal: Use the "Buy Now" button to purchase via PayPal. If the button isn't working, send the payment to on PayPal.

For non-PayPal methods or if PayPal isn't available in your region, contact us for alternatives.

What does this source code offer?

This remote webview source code provides an Android WebView Native source code for creating apps for any website easily and control and customise it remotely from your website. Thousands of users worldwide use this code to enhance website engagement, increasing traffic and sales.

Anyone can use this source code, even without programming knowledge. Simply set your website link, theme, and app icon in the code and create a robust app within 15 minutes then you can customise and control the rest from admin panel.

Customize colors and icons to match your website design.

How can I use this code to create an app for my website?

To create an app with this code, install Android Studio on your computer. Follow our video guide for a step-by-step process, even for those without programming experience.

Do you provide support after purchase?

Yes, we offer free support until you successfully build the app. If you encounter issues, we can assist via AnyDesk, TeamViewer, phone, or WhatsApp.

Can I publish the app built with this code on PlayStore and other app stores?

Yes, you can publish apps created with this code on Google Play Store and other app stores, provided your app complies with the policies of each store.

Can I update an existing app in the Play Store with a new app created using this code?

Yes, you can update an existing app by using the same package ID and signing the new app with the same key as the old app.

Will I receive future updates for the source code?

Yes, with a subscription, you'll receive free updates for up to one year. Without a subscription, you'll receive free updates for six months.

Can you build the app for me if I don't want to do it myself?

Yes, we can create the app according to your specifications for an additional fee. Provide us with details such as app icon, name, color, and website link. Even if you already purchased the code but can't build the app, we can assist you.

Can I remove certain elements such as menus and toolbars from the app?

Yes, the code is highly customizable. You can hide elements in the source code by setting options to "false" or "true." The documentation explains this in detail, also this can be done remotely

Can you add additional features to the source code?

Yes, let us know your requirements and we'll add them to the code if possible. Additional fees may apply.

Can I customize the app's color scheme?

Yes, you can adjust all colors to match your website design.

Can I open specific links outside of the app in a browser?

Yes, you can set specific links to open externally or internally within the app.

Can I use JavaScript to customize the website appearance or perform advanced functions?

Yes, this is possible with JavaScript knowledge. We can also assist you for an additional fee.

Can I use custom CSS to change the appearance of loaded web pages?

Yes, this requires CSS and native coding knowledge. We can also assist you for an additional fee.

Can I execute specific app functions such as opening a QR code scanner or hiding menus from a link on the website?

Yes, this is possible with additional code. We can help you for an additional fee.

Can I hide parts of my website using this code?

Yes, you can hide specific sections such as the footer, menu, or header. This requires additional code and we can assist you for an additional fee.

Can I create apps for my clients using this source code?

Yes, you can create apps for personal use or for clients.

How many apps can I create with this code?

You can create one app with the code for any website (including client projects). For additional apps, there's a $3 charge per app.

Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription that allows you to create unlimited apps for six months for $30.

When will I receive the code after purchase?

Within five minutes. If there's a delay due to time zone differences, please contact us. We are always available to assist you.

How will the source code be delivered?

If you paid via PayPal, you will be redirected to a download page immediately after payment. For other payment methods, we will email you the code through a Google Drive link.


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