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Android WebView App Source Code Download | Convert Website To Mobile App Easily

Updated Friday, May 17, 2024, 8 AM

This is a simple but advanced android webview app source code. This android app source code can be used to convert any website to mobile app easily by anyone.

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WebView Pro+ Android WebView App Source Code

This code can be used to make apps for all types of websites including E-commerce, blogs, news sites, crypto etc

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How to create android app with this code?

To create android webview app with this source code, all you need to do is import this webview app source code to your Android Studio software in your computer and then just set:

  • Your website link
  • Your own app logo
  • A name for the app
  • A color for the app
  • And build APK and AAB
  • Upload the AAB to PlayStore

Note: you can do the changes easily because we have a clear video and text documentation for this webview app source code, and if you need any help anytime, we are here for you always!

Features of this webview source code

  1. Really easy to use
  2. You don't need to know coding
  3. You can upload the app to PlayStore
  4. This code supports latest Android devices
  5. Splash screen: to show your brand logo when app opening
  6. Unknown URL support: Uncommon URL schemes such as mailto, tel, WhatsApp, telegram et
  7. Files and media upload support
  8. Files and media download support
  9. Camera capture for upload support
  10. GPSLocation access
  11. Admob ads: You can earn from your app by showing admob ads
  12. Admob banner and interstitial ads support
  13. Target blank windows support
  14. Switches: you can turn on/off features that you want, for example: if you don't want topbar or menus, you can simply turn it off with simple 'true' and 'false' switches

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i purchase this source code?

You can purchase it with PayPal or other payment options mentioned, if paypal not supported in your place, just contact us, we probably will arrange another payment options

After i made purchase, how will i get the source code, and how long it will take?

after payment successful, you will be redirected to the source code download page automatically, if not, we will send you the source code to your email address, or you can contact us directly.

Can i use the code to make apps for commercial use and for my clients?

yes, you can make apps for you or clients, both commercial and non commercial purposes.

each new app you create will incur a small fee

Can i contact you for support?

Sure! you can contact us anytime for support related to the code, we can help you through any desk, WhatsApp, phone call etc.


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